One of the amazing parts about non fungible tokens (NFTs) is the amazing community of people that are participating in this space. I often liken it to the opposite of a YouTube comment thread. It seems that everyone including, the artists, project leads, developers, collectors, promoters, traders, and whales are down to earth and genuinely supportive of each other.

As such, in collaboration with @xSAMGADx, we’ve teamed up to create a special crypto swatch to celebrate anyone in our community reaching the milestone of obtaining 1,000 followers on Twitter.

If you consider yourself part of this community, and you reach 1,000 followers, DM us on Twitter @cryptoswatches, and we will send you 10 “Congratulations – No. 000038″ crypto swatches that you can giveaway to your followers in appreciation.

Let’s keep this space the friendliest corner of the internet and support each other along the way!


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